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Lining Your Windows With Duette Blinds in Toronto

Duette blinds are unique and original window coverings that feature a honeycomb texture and construction which allows these window treatments to be extremely energy efficient. As a result of the built-in insulating traits of this material, the heat is kept in during the winter months, and kept out during the summer months. In addition, the honeycomb construction allows for durable and soft material, which is elegant and long-lasting. There is no shortage of choice and variation of duette blinds in Toronto, making this a wonderful choice to match with any decor of your home. Kingsway Carpets & Blinds is a great place to buy duette blinds in Toronto, and have a great variety of blinds to help you choose the perfect shades for your windows.

How Duette Blinds in Etobicoke Can Offer You Many Options in Function & Decor

Many homes have windows that come in different sizes and shapes. There also may be certain windows that may have odd configurations. A duette blinds store in the Mississauga area can truly come in handy in many situations where you are trying to customize your blinds to your windows.

Homeowners are given the choice of how opaque they would like their blinds to be, depending on how much light they'd like to let in, and how much they'd like to keep out. Duette blinds of Etobicoke come in 3 opacities, which provides the homeowner with a lot of control over their privacy. In addition, there are plenty of colour palettes to choose from. The entire look is very clean and sleek, considering the lack of lift cords.

Duette blinds offer homeowners an option to combine 2 fabrics which contrast with one another to provide a very light and transparent view during the day, and a dark opaqueness during the night to totally block out any light for maximum privacy and help with sleep during the night.

A unique feature of duette blinds in Toronto is their versatility in the way they are drawn. These blinds can either be drawn up or down, for a truly unique functionality. Homeowners can even combine the two for total control over glare from the sun. Side guides hold the blinds in place over the window frame in order to prevent leakage of light from the outer edges.

Finding a Duette Blinds Store in Mississauga

Whether you live in Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, or anywhere in the GTA, you should seriously consider visiting the showroom of Kingsway Carpets & Blinds when you want to buy duette blinds for your Toronto home's windows. Their outstanding and knowledgeable customer service, as well as their amazing variety of blinds, makes this a great place to find the perfect blinds to outfit your windows.


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