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Specialty window treatments are available for various shapes including arches, angled windows, circles/ovals, hexagons, octagons, and trapezoids. There are also solutions for bay/corner windows, french doors, and narrow sidelight windows. Options include honeycomb shades, Silhouette® window shadings, Vignette® roman shades, shutters, and many more.


Skylights provide rooms with a brighter, more open and airy feeling often not possible with standard windows. However, skylights also have the potential to allow sunlight in that can often overheat your rooms. Hunter Douglas offers three product lines for covering your skylights: Duette® and Applause® honeycomb shades and Brilliance® pleated shades. Motorized solutions are also available.   


Imagine a world where your window treatments adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambiance morning, noon and night. That’s the beauty of PowerView® Motorization - just program PowerView® to move your window treatments to the exact position you want and then control and schedule them using the PowerView App.

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